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Hi, my name is Karen. I am the SEO/SEM Specialist at Fraser Valley SEO.

karen seo sem social specialist We offer a Comprehensive Business Marketing Strategy that will help your business get up off the ground and/or maintain your customer’s long term interests.

In today’s business world, there are so many innovative ways to get your brand delivered directly to your geographic and/or demographic audience. Whether its search engine optimization, search engine display or email marketing, we can deliver.

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Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are the information brokers of the Earth. Time and time again they consistently prove to be a valuable marketing asset all over the planet. Did you know that 14 billion people use Search Engines on a monthly basis to find what they are looking for?

Fraser Valley SEO is one of the most successful search engine optimization, social media management and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing companies throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We know this, because our motto is “Our client’s success is our success” and we have very happy clients indeed.

We are at the top on page 1 of Google when you search for “SEO”, so when  you are looking to hire an SEO company, see how far down and on which page of Google they are on by typing “SEO”. If they were any good, they would be near the top of page 1, to stand any hope of getting you there too!

We have added expertise and knowledge in website design, webmaster tools and data analysis and our results are driven through quality targeted optimization techniques.

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Social Networking for Marketing is an extremely powerful tool for small business wanting to create brand awareness and customer engagement. If done tastefully and appropriately and not used for spamming, marketing via social networking business pages can produce awesome results. We can also create your facebook and twitter accounts (pages too with unique designs) and link them through to your website.

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Marketing your product or service using Google Adwords or Bing ads (Yahoo!) can be quite profitable to most companies who offer a product or service. Fraser Valley SEO can set up your campaigns, monitor the analytic tools and provide you with reports!. For more information on SMM, please click here.

Whether you need SEO or your social networking business pages set up and guidance on how to promote your business via the social networking channels, you need someone to manage your social media or for any other online presence, please contact us.

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